A Patrycja e o seu estágio no IAC-CEDI

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A Patrycja e o seu estágio no IAC-CEDI

My name is Patrycja, I’m Pole and I have been an intern in the Clube Intercultural Europeu within Erasmus Plus programme since October 2015. Clube is a non-profit organization that operates in the fields of youth, education and training.

I started my internship just after my graduation from University of Warsaw where I studied law. The story why I have chosen Portugal as a place for my internship goes back to June 2014. That was the first time I came to Portugal. Amazed with the beauty of Lisbon, people’s friendliness and food, I realized I wanted to spend more time in this country but not purely as a tourist. A will to rest and relax turned into a will to experience a day–to-day life in Lisbon, to try to understand the complex society living there and have a multicultural experience. I wanted to see other sides of Lisbon besides the touristic one that I had only known. I also believed that Lisbon is a place where I can develop my skills that could later help me in my future work as a lawyer. An internship in Clube has given me that opportunity.

On of the tasks that I have been assigned during my internship involved working within one of the projects run by Instituto de Apoio à Criança (IAC). IAC is a separate institution that Clube helps at several levels on and off. My task is to digitize recordings dealing with topics related to IAC’s sphere of activities. Among those there are conferences organized by IAC as well as documentaries about children from underprivileged backgrounds, including those living in the streets. The cassettes generally deal with children´s rights. IAC has existed since 1983 and during this time there has been done an incredibly valuable work. Most of it has been saved on VHS cassettes as that was the main way of saving documents before. Nowadays, there is a tendency to store everything in a digitized form as that requires less space, is cheaper as well as gives an opportunity to a wider community to have access to the fruits of the work of IAC. The recordings may be uploaded later on the IAC’s website, Facebook fanpage etc. The process of digitizing is a tedious job but is extremely important for IAC as well as for children whom IAC helps most. Only in this way, will the future generation be able to benefit from the activities that IAC has carried out.

During my internship I have also participated in a project Sementes a Crescer E5G. It is a socio-educational project managed by Clube in João Nascimento Costa district near Olaias, parish of Beato. There are various activities carried within this project that are aimed at integrating the people living in the neighborhood, improving chances of finding a job for the unemployed, helping out children with homework as well as organizing their leisure time. Recently a new activity has been added to the offer of Sementes – English classes and my task was to conduct them. Amongst the students there have been people from the neighbourhood – students still attending school, those who dropped out of school, unemployed people – basically anyone who felt like improving their language skills or simply start learning English. Everyone is welcome at the class. The level of English does not matter. The only requirement is a willingness to learn. The classes take place every Friday and there are three groups – two groups for total beginners (in the morning and in the evening) and one group in the evening where the level is a bit more advanced. That group is more popular amongst students who have already a good command of English but want to practice it more, especially through conversations.  The project has turned out to be a very good idea. More and more people wish to attend the classes. And when it comes to students who have participated in the classes since the beginning, I can already tell they have made a progress.

My internship has lasted only 3 months but during this time I have been given an opportunity to work within the fields I had not worked before. I believe this has been a valuable experience for my professional life of a future lawyer as well as for my personal development. I am very glad I have chosen Clube as a place to do my internship.

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