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The Complete Guide to Bullying and Cyber Bullying is an up-to-date guidebook aimed at parents, guardians and targets who feel that they can no longer stand by or bury their heads in the sand as bullying becomes a bigger problem in all corners of the world. This handbook covers all aspects of bullying from school bullying, social bullying cyber bullying.  Heavily discussed in this guide are tips and guidelines on how the parents and guardians can help stop this unsocial behavior in schools and at home. It will also help parents learn how to identify the early signs of bullying in their children especially where these children happen to be the bullies.

After reading this guide, parents and guardians will be in better position of understanding why people bully others and the negative effects of bullying, not only to the victim but to the bully and the witnesses/bystanders as well. The Internet and its dangers are also discussed at length in this complete guide as well as how to protect your children and their Internet devices from cyber bullying.

By the time parents and guardians reach the end of this guide, they will feel more capable of detecting and handling even the most subtle signs of bullying and most especially cyber bullying. This guide urges them to step in before it is too late since many victims of bullying choose to remain silent.

There are many effects of cyber bullying and these can be long lasting. Like you, as parents ourselves, we want to know if our children are happy and if not, why not? Cyber Bullying can be so intangible at times, actually picking up on the symptoms within our children can be very difficult. To just know, if a child is suffering from some or any of the many effects of cyber bullying is a start. Effects can include;

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Fear
  • Emotional Distress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Appetite change
  • Lack of interest in school or hobbies
  • A change in school results has been created by parents and people concerned around what is happening in our society today in regards to bullying in school, workplace bullying and cyber bullying. We aim to create a useful and practical site that will help people who are searching for answers online. We want to help people understand that bullying in all forms is wrong and there is help available all around us. No one needs to suffer in silence. We need to keep this message high on peoples agenda. If by talking to family members, parents at school, colleagues at work, sharing a helpful article on a social network or stepping in as a bystander to say that bullying is wrong, we all need to promote the message that children and teens do not need to suffer in silence and that bullying our children is not acceptable.

we hope you find it practical and useful, and welcome any feedback. – The movement against bullying.




Estatísticas 2014 de Cyberbullying e Bullying nos Estados Unidos e no Reino Unido

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The New Year has arrived and here at, that means one essential thing. It is time for Cyberbullying and Bullying Statistics 2014.

When gathering bullying statistics 2014, we always look at major polls published worldwide and covering a big number of participants, we always look at the major trends and shifts in cyberbullying and bullying worldwide. Some of the key things we noticed when searching for bullying statistics 2014 are the following:

Most Children showed more worry about Pornography and Violence shared on all social networks as well as pop-up ads and phishing.

More children are showing knowledge and understanding of what cyberbullying and bullying entails, although a big percentage still expressed not knowing enough on how to fight it or prevent it.

Less children are expressing feelings of low self esteem and bigger percentage of them are expressing the desire to remain survivors and winners in the battle against bullying and cyberbullying.

consultar todas as estatísticas no link:


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