Five Things You Should Know About Online Predators

Novembro 22, 2011 às 9:00 pm | Publicado em Divulgação, Estudos sobre a Criança | Deixe um comentário
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 There are many myths about how predators operate. For instance, did you know that most predators don’t pretend to be teens to lure their victims? This study will help you separate fact from fiction.      

 Sometimes parents and teachers aren’t sure what to say when talking to teens about predators. What messages are most accurate? This tip sheet can help.       

 25% of victims of online predators are boys. Use the video Survivor Diaries to broach this difficult topic with teens.       

 Some predators have victimized teens they first met in an online game, like this woman who met her victim when playing World of Warcraft®.       

 More and more predators are using cell phones to communicate with their victims, like in this case involving sexting, extortion, and ultimately, rape.

The NetSmartz Five de Novembro de 2011.


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