Boys and Girls Speak Out A Qualitative study of children’s gender and sexual cultures (age 10-12)

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This report by Cardiff University, with support and funding from the NSPCC, looks at how younger children perceive gender, sexual identity and relationships.

Researchers interviewed 125 children, aged 10-12 years, living in Wales. Discussion focused on five key areas: the sexualisation of culture, body cultures, relationship cultures, equalities and change.

Key findings


  • children are actively negotiating and learning about the ways sexuality affects them and their lives
  • boys and girls talk about “looking older” in a very different way to “looking sexy”
  • all children, but especially girls, feel pressurised to conform to gender norms
  • many schools have a strong boyfriend-girlfriend culture, making boy-girl friendships almost impossible
  • children experience verbal sexual harassment, but find it hard to tell parents or teachers and are ill equipped to deal with it
  • children are more worried about “scary” rather than sexually explicit images
  • many children are angry about sexism amongst their peers and in society as a whole
  • policy and practice needs to be informed by children’s own experiences.


What can I do? Protecting your children from sexual abuse

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Parents’ guide to recognising the signs of sexual abuse in children

Are you worried that your child may have been sexually abused? Are you working with a family where you suspect a child may have been sexually abused?

Our booklet ‘What can I do?’ has been written to help parents recognise what is happening and to report their concerns.

We understand how distressing this situation can be for parents, but also recognise the importance of reporting concerns and protecting children as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse of children is under-reported. This means some children are exposed to long periods of abuse or denied treatment to assist with their recovery.

The $#*! Kids Say – Don’t wait until you’re certain

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Notícia do site The Inspiration Room de 29 de Março de 2012.

NSPCC, a child welfare organisation in the UK, is running “THE $#*! KIDS SAY”, a short film highlighting the fact that many people wait too long to report suspected child abuse. The charity’s research found that most people ignore worries over a child’s safety for about a month before calling. The campaign is being launched in partnership with online parenting forum NetMums.


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