Relatório da pesquisa qualitativa do projeto europeu Net Children Go Mobile

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The main focus of this report is on children’s experience of mobile media and the mobile internet, with an emphasis on smartphones and tablets. Ultimately the project is interested in risk and safety issues, but to contextualise this, the report also considers children’s adoption and use of these devices and the wider consequences that follow. The research involved a qualitative study of children, their parents, teachers and others working with young people in nine European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK.

New Report from EU Kids Online : National perspectives

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New Report from EU Kids Online called “National perspectives”.
This comparative report summarises the internet related experiences of children in the 33 countries now participating in EU Kids Online. Findings for eight new countries are added to the 25 included in our previous reports – Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Russia, Slovakia and Switzerland.
For each country, we present the key statistics and country-specific commentary on children’s internet access and use, activities and skills, risks and harm parental mediation and safety, and national policy implications. See

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