Handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child

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This handbook provides an overview of the fundamental rights of children in the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE) member states. It is broad in scope. It acknowledges children as beneficiaries of all human/funda­mental rights, as well as subjects of special regulation given their specific char­acteristics. Children’s rights is a cross‑sectorial field of law. In this handbook the emphasis is on the areas of law which are of specific importance to children.

Tutela de crianças privadas de cuidados parentais – um manual para reforçar os sistemas de tutela para satisfazer as necessidades específicas de crianças vítimas de tráfico”

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We’ve just released a handbook http://bit.ly/1nXrcJY to strengthen national guardianship systems for children in Europe, as part of the EU’s anti-trafficking strategy which recognises the vital role guardians play in protecting children from harm. “No child should feel alone and abandoned by the State they live in,” says FRA Director Morten Kjaerum http://bit.ly/TvMowX “Guardians exist to protect children in the absence of parents. However, their role and work varies from across the EU. This handbook provides the much needed guidance that should help strengthen guardianship systems across the EU to better protect all children who are at risk.”

The Web We Want – Handbook Educacional

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The Web We Want is an educational handbook for use by 13-16 year olds, developed with and by young people. The exercises aim to trigger reflection on the following issues:

  1. My rights and responsibilities online
  2. “Information is not knowledge”, Albert Einstein
  3. Participating on the web
  4. Shape your Identity
  5. Privacy, my most precious possession
  6. The artist in you

This handbook is not only designed to be used in the classroom, but can also serve as a useful resource for peer education. It is suitable for individual use also.

To download the handbook, click here.

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