E-Maria – European Manual for Risk Assessment in the Field of Domestic Violence

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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is one of the most widespread forms of domestic violence and has complex and negative consequences that affect the physical, psychological and socio-economic condition of a victim/survivor. It also impacts her family and the community in which she lives. Intimate Partner Violence occurs in all societies and is transversal to all ages, social and economic status, religious, ethnic and cultural groups. IPV also occurs in the context of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender – LGBT – (long term) relationships. However, it mostly affects and has impact on women and girls, children, disabled (women and children), elder women or other persons in vulnerable situations.

For the purpose of this manual, we address only violence perpetrated by men against women and children, hereafter called Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), which is one of the many forms of gender-based violence and as such is addressed by several international and national instruments. IPV is a serious human rights violation and requires that Member States assume their responsibility in the elimination of violence against women, protection of victims/ survivors and accountability of perpetrators. To successfully combat and eliminate IPV and DV, the involvement of all relevant actors that constitute a national referral mechanism and the development of systematic measures both for prevention and elimination of violence and protection of victims/survivors are essential.

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