Compendium of good practices on the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

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Compendium of Inspiring Practices Early intervention and prevention in family and parenting support

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Eurochild’s thematic working group on family and parenting support provides a forum for members to exchange experience and know-how, thereby contributing to improved policy and practice across Europe. This compendium of inspiring practice of early intervention and prevention in family and parenting support builds on five years of mutual learning and exchange.

The 12 case studies in this Compendium offer a small sample of services that have had a demonstrable positive impact on the children and families they aim to serve. They were selected firstly, because they reflect a response to an identified need, social challenge, economic and/ or political imperative that was innovative in the context of prevailing national/ regional/ local circumstances. Secondly, because of their potential to use the learning or to replicate the practice more widely within their country or across Europe.

Policy recommendations:
– Parenting interventions should sit alongside wider family support and be part of a comprehensive package that enhances children’s rights and well-being.

– All services aimed at family and parenting support must be non-stigmatising and empowering in their approach, have a participatory and strengths-based orientation, be accessible to all but built around a model of progressive universalism. their conception must be underpinned by a child-rights approach.

– Eurochild strongly advocates a balanced perspective in evidence based approaches which are capable of reflecting critically on quantitative and qualitative data and analysis in assessing practice.

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