Learning to read before you walk: Portuguese libraries for babies and toddlers

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Ramos, A. M. (2012). Learning to read before you walk: Portuguese libraries for babies and toddlers. IFLA Journal, nº 38(1) , pp. 78-85. (DOI: 10.1177/0340035211435396;)


The aim of this paper is to present and analyse some examples of public libraries which have been especially designed for babies and toddlers in Portugal, termed bebetecas in Portuguese, highlighting the role the promotion of reading from a very young age plays in the reader’s development. Some projects implemented in these areas, particularly those which target the family as an audience, but which in some cases are also intended for day care centres and nurseries, create an increased awareness of the role of the library in the dissemination of children’s books, as well as creating dynamic reading habits at an early age.

This strengthens family ties and promotes healthier and more balanced child development. Taking family and school as two important contexts for the development of the readers, the library becomes a privileged space and vehicle to promote good reading practices from a very young age, and where books can act as the backdrop for interaction between young children, their families and care givers.

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