Looking forward to your upcoming family holiday? Dicas da Missing Children Europe para umas férias em segurança

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Texto da Missing Children Europe

Looking forward to your upcoming family holiday?

It’s summer time, the kids are on holiday and it’s finally time to pack your bags for a well deserved break with the family. But holidays with children, especially in a foreign country can quickly become a stressful situation amid the chaos of holidaygoers and your kids chanelling Dora-the-Explorer. Luckily, we have some simple steps you can take to make sure your holidays are less stressful for both yourselves and the kids. About 1,000 children get lost at the Belgian seaside alone, every year. Most of these children are found within a matter of hours but the panic before they are found is something no one wants to experience. Have a look at some of our tips below and have a great summer!

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