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Online Safety Tips For Kids

Be secure when you explore.

7 February is Safer Internet Day.  Here are some tips to help speak to your kids about safety online.

Mum’s The Word

Ensure they keep their password a secret, even from their best friend! No one should need this information, so no one else should be asking for it.

Keep Private

Remind your child to keep their personal information private and to themselves. They shouldn’t share their phone number, address, email address, or even their real name or school.

Delete Viruses

It’s important for them learn to delete any unknown email attachments which aren’t from friends or family, they can often contain destructive viruses. If they’re not sure, they should inform you.

Never Meet Strangers

They should never make plans to meet an online “friend” in person. Not everyone is who they say they are.

Inform A Grown Up

Teach them that when they are in doubt or if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable, they should inform a grown up immediately.

Be Careful With Sharing

Remind them that nothing they write or post on the web is completely private – including instant messages, emails and images so they must always be careful and think about what they type and post.

The internet offers amazing opportunities for entertainment, discovery, learning and communication. Given the right advice and tools, your child can make safe decisions online. Why not read the Online Safety Web Agreement and together sign an agreement on the rules.

A number of services out there give you the ability to set up parental controls. For example, DisneyLife enables you to adjust the settings so that your child can only watch certain content and limit the screen time.

You can find links to more resources, hints and tips on our Internet Safety page or for more advice, please visit the official Safer Internet Day page.

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