Global Study Report on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism

Junho 23, 2016 às 8:00 pm | Publicado em Estudos sobre a Criança | Deixe um comentário
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Press Release

The Study reveals that:

There is no typical offender, they are tourists, business travelers, migrant & transient workers, expats or civil society volunteers;

Travelling child sex offenders are usually from the region or country where the offense takes place;

The internet and mobile technology have fueled the increase in SECTT by creating new pathways for exploitation and reinforcing anonymity of offenders;

Most child sex offenders did not plan the crime, they commit because there is an opportunity and they feel they can get away with it;

No child is immune and victims are not only poor. Some are more vulnerable than others, such as the marginalized including minorities, street children, and LGBT;

Services for victims remain inadequate;

Enforcement and prosecution of offenders is hindered by a lack of coordination and information sharing between authorities; and

There are alarmingly low conviction rates for the sexual exploitation of children, which means the majority of offenders evade justice.

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