Figures and trends 2015 : from hotlines for missing children and cross-border family mediators – relatório da Missing Children

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A child is reported missing every 2 minutes in Europe. To support children and families at this crucial and challenging time, a network of hotlines for missing children was gradually set up in 29 countries in Europe operated through the same number – 116 000. The hotline provides free, professional support 24 / 7 to anyone calling the hotline. Data collected from this network of hotlines every year enables a better understanding of the issues affecting missing children and allows for the development of projects that are relevant to these needs. Most of the data collected in this report is from this network of European hotlines for missing children. 2015 has been a particularly challenging year for the hotlines. Funding from the European Union to national hotlines was discontinued in 2015 which led to a huge drop in the budget available and the number of staff members handling missing children cases. The hotlines have nevertheless continued to respond to thousands of calls.

Em Portugal o 116 000 foi atribuído ao SOS-Criança do Instituto de Apoio à Criança. Mais informações aqui 

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