Empowering young people, eliminating bullying – ENABLE resource pack for students, teachers, parents and campaigners

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ENABLE aims to combat bullying and contribute to the well-being of children through a holistic approach that tackles bullying, not only in school but also in outside contexts that impact on well-being, engages students, parents/carers and key actors in schools, and builds on an empirical understanding of the causes and effects of bullying and effective counter-measures.

The objective is to empower and inform young people, using proven holistic approaches and innovative resources, to monitor and refl ect on their own behaviour and deepen their understanding of its impact on others. It addresses victims, bystanders and perpetrators who are often victims themselves of bullying.

Key Outputs:

  • A systematic review of anti-bullying methodologies, published on structured data sheets
  • An accessible book on bullying and anti-bullying methodologies
  • SEL lesson plans and modules, easily integrated into school curricula
  • Peer training resources and courses for students, parents/carers and other key infl uencers
  • Adaptable courses and peer training for teachers, school staff, young people
  • Training sessions for parents/carers
  • Training material and training for helplines and school psychologists
  • Innovative on- and offl ine applications for youth to refl ect on and counter bullying



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