Education and training monitor 2014 Portugal

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Portugal has achieved the strongest improvement in early school leaving of all EU countries since 2009. However the main challenge is to continue improving the effectiveness of its education system — in terms of attainment levels, organisation and graduate employability — whilst constrained by the need for fiscal consolidation. Recent reforms whose effective implementation needs to be monitored aim at improving the quality of both general education and vocational education and training, and, in particular, to reduce the rates of early school leaving and poor performance amongst students. Portugal’s tertiary education attainment rate is improving, but this has failed to increase the employment rate amongst young people proportionally. Moreover, adult participation in lifelong learning has been falling, and there is also an urgent need to identify, adapt and adopt practices which will help tackle the mismatch between the skills offered by the workforce and those demanded by the labour market.

The 2014 European Semester country-specific recommendation (CSR 4) on education and training focused on:

(i) improving the quality and labour-market relevance of the education system in order to reduce early school leaving and address low educational performance rates;

(ii) ensuring efficient public expenditure in education;

(iii) reducing skills mismatches, including by increasing the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training and fostering co-operation with the business sector;

(iv) enhancing cooperation between public research and business and fostering knowledge transfer.1

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