Generation 2030 | Africa: Child demographics in Africa – Novo relatório da Unicef

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This demographic study on children in Africa  addresses the following thematic areas and policy issues: child population, mortality, fertility and reproductive health, birth registration, life expectancy, urbanization, fragility, education, drinking water and sanitation.

Key Findings:·

  • Four in ten of the world’s people will be African by the end of this century
  • A billion children will live in Africa by mid-century
  • Africa has the highest child dependency ratio in the world
  • Almost 2 billion babies will be born in Africa between 2015 and 2050 due to high fertility rates and increasing number of women of reproductive age
  • Child survival has improved in Africa, but the continent still accounts for half of all child deaths, and this figure is set to rise to around 70 per cent by mid-century
  • Life expectancy for Africa’s children has risen sharply in recent decades but is still shorter than the global average; within 20 years, Africa will have its first generation of children who can expect to reach pensionable age
  • Today three in 10 of Africa’s children are living in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

It is our hope that this latest data and new analyses will serve as a useful advocacy tool in your work. Thank you for informing your colleagues and partners on the availability of this report on our website, either in English or in French.   With best wishes!

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