Shield My School : a self-evaluation tool to combat bullying

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a) What is the Self-Evaluation Tool for schools?

The ‘Shield My School’ self-evaluation tool is a component of the ISPCC Shield Campaign which aims to protect children from bullying.

The tool consists of ten statements, referred to throughout the document as Shield Statements. Each of these shield statements is based on international evidence in relation to the management of bullying. The series of questions that follow each shield statement reflect evidence informed practice that has been shown to have a positive impact on bullying.

The self-evaluation tool asks a group of teachers to consider a set of evidence informed statements and questions about their schools approach to bullying. The questions are designed to act as evidence informed prompts to the school to facilitate a self assessment of where they are in relation to the statement and known evidence based approaches to bullying. The process encourages participants to reflect on their approach to bullying, to identify the aspects where they are strong and the areas they would like to improve upon. The self- evaluation tool includes an action plan for schools to record the outcome of their evaluation, their proposed actions, time-frames and review schedule.

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