Examining Neglected Components in Combatting Sexual Exploitation of Children – ECPAT International’s Latest Journal

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Men make up the over­whelm­ing major­ity of those who sex­u­ally abuse chil­dren, with some research sug­gest­ing that they account for more than 90% of child sex offend­ers. The mass-media, with their sen­sa­tional pre­sen­ta­tion of sex­ual abuse against chil­dren, often nur­ture a stereo­typ­i­cal view of child sex offend­ers as deviant old men and this has influ­enced pub­lic dis­course on the topic. In real­ity, men who abuse chil­dren come from every income bracket, social class and age. Some of these men can be con­sid­ered pae­dophiles while oth­ers are sit­u­a­tional offend­ers, mean­ing they do not have a true sex­ual pref­er­ence for chil­dren but engage in sex with chil­dren because the oppor­tu­nity arises.

As gen­er­al­i­sa­tions about the per­pe­tra­tors of child sex­ual exploita­tion can be mis­lead­ing, ECPAT has devel­oped a num­ber of ini­tia­tives to engage the male pop­u­la­tion in the pre­ven­tion of CSEC. By ensur­ing that males are aware of the actions of a small frac­tion of men, all men and boys can be part of the solution.

ECPAT International’s lat­est tech­ni­cal jour­nal explores two aspects of the com­mer­cial sex­ual exploita­tion of chil­dren that remain unad­dressed: the hid­den demand for the com­mer­cial sex­ual exploita­tion of chil­dren and the impor­tance of a pro­tec­tive con­tin­uum of care for child vic­tims of sex­ual exploitation.

Down­load ECPAT’s lat­est jour­nal here.


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