The European Crisis : A Study of the Impact of the Crisis and Austerity on People

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The European Crisis : A Study of the Impact of the Crisis and Austerity on People, with a Special Focus on Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain

Caritas Europa is proud to present this comprehensive, timely and in-depth study on the impacts of the economic crisis and austerity policies on the European Union’s most vulnerable people. The Report has a special focus on the five EU Member States most-affected by the crisis – Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The report’s findings are grounded not just in empirical research but most importantly in the practical work carried out by Caritas member organisations in the five countries. The report describes very clearly the human impacts of the crisis and of austerity policies, with a special emphasis on people experiencing poverty and social exclusion. It outlines the responses of Caritas organisations

in the five countries as they try to help those who have been worst affected by the crisis. The findings of the report demonstrate beyond any doubt that austerity measures are impacting very negatively on the lives of people in poverty, and driving many more into poverty for the first time.

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