The Structural Determinants of Child Well-being

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This paper describes the outcomes of an expert consultation on The  Structural Determinants of Child Well-being hosted by the UNICEF Office  of Research. The two-day meeting brought together twelve participants to discuss the underlying causes of child well-being and develop an  initial framework to consider the impact of structural factors on  children’s lives and the inequalities that too often shape (and limit)  their futures.
There is a large and still to be exploited  potential for structural interventions to improve the lives of children  in low and middle-income countries. Some sectors, notably health, have  moved ahead in defining a structural determinants approach to  programming and have a growing evidence base to draw upon. Other sectors have begun to follow but still have to make their case with the policy
community. Until now, there has been very little work that brings  together insights from analysing structural determinants of child
wellbeing across all its dimensions in a consistent and rigorous way.
Measurement challenges also need to be overcome to build a strong data base for action.

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