The Protection of Children from Illicit Drugs – A Minimum Human Rights Standard

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This book is a major landmark in human rights and international drug policy. Following a detailed legal analysis, the authors conclude that in order to conform to the minimum standard set out in CRC Article 33, States Parties must adopt national drug policies directly promoting “a drug-free society”, in order to create the protective environment for children that CRC prescribes. Drug policies have to be childcentered and focused on achieving this goal.

The authors also examine how key UN agencies have failed to support CRC Article 33, documenting inadequate and disappointing results in recent years. Several UN agencies have departed from the goal of protecting children from drug use, production and trafficking.

This book, The protection of children from illicit drugs – A minimum human rights standard; A child-centered vs. a user-centered drug policy, takes on this life and-death drug policy battle in the context of the United Nations’ conventions by focusing on children, the most vulnerable segment of the population at the most common age of onset of addiction.

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