No place for bullying : How schools create a positive culture and prevent and tackle bullying

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The aim of this survey was to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions that schools take to create a positive school culture and to prevent and tackle bullying. A wide body of research indicates that bullying is a problem for many young people, and that some of this takes place in schools. A large part of the survey focused on pupils own experiences and understanding of bullying and its effects.

Key findings of the research were the following:
– In setting their expectations for behaviour, the primary schools visited placed a stronger.
emphasis than the secondary schools on values and on how pupils should treat one another.
– All the schools surveyed had a written behaviour policy and an anti-bullying policy.
– Almost half of the pupils surveyed wrote about an incident where they had felt picked on or
bullied at some point while at their current school.
– Despite significant strengths in some schools, inspectors found a range of weaknesses in how
the schools recorded bullying incidents, the detail included in this recording and in its analysis.

The research contains a long list of recommendations for schools, school leaders and governing bodies.

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