Core Standards for Guardians of Separated Children in Europe : Goals for guardians and authorities

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 PRESS RELEASE: Members European Parliament advocate for European rules on guardianship

Members of the European Parliament Sargentini (Greens party) and Wikström (Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) advocate for European guardianship rules for separated children. On the 30th of November 2011, they received a report on this issue and have signed to act as ambassadors of the Core Standards for Guardians. Defence for Children is enthusiastic about the support from these Members of the European Parliament. The first step has been taken to empower guardians to act as a watchdog dedicated to defending the rights of the child.
Specific EU legislation for guardians required The protection and care separated children receive from their guardians differs depending on the country which the child has (often randomly) entered. This is unacceptable. All European countries have signed the Convention on the rights of the Child (hereafter: CRC). Therein, the obligation to take into account the specific needs of separated children is laid down. Sargentini is enthusiastic about the Core Standards for guardians of separated children which are the result of an extensive project that was coordinated by Defence for Children in eight European countries. “Now we are going to promote the standards for guardians everywhere when it comes to separated children. However, more needs to be done. There have to be European rules on the qualifications of guardians”. Defence for Children shall take this into account when developing a follow-up project.

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