Edinburgh schools come up with bully beating ideas

Setembro 10, 2010 às 9:04 pm | Publicado em Divulgação | Deixe um comentário
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“Schools in Edinburgh could introduce “safe” rooms, suggestion boxes and listening posts for pupils in an attempt to curb bullying. The plan would give pupils who need a refuge from bullies somewhere to go at break and is an attempt to come up with ideas to tackle the problem. Scottish secondary schools have guidance teachers and listening posts would give them the opportunity to hear about pupils’ problems first hand. Another idea is that listening posts could be run by members of school councils, giving youngsters the chance to talk to someone of their own age about bullying. Some schools are already running successful anti-bullying schemes, including Dairy Primary whose head teacher David Fleming said  stepping up supervision in the playground was helpful. Edinburgh head teachers are also working on ways of combatting cyber bullying and that related to gay issues.” Mais informações e mais posters Aqui

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